Monday, November 8, 2010

A Sad Monday

Posted by pearl1003 at 11:09 PM
A few months ago, someone said goodbye and promised that when he comes back, he will never work in the same company for this "company" is hell and something more like that.

The life of everyone of us changed when he left. Things actually went out so well. We recovered from past mistakes and slowly the wounds were healed somehow. Everybody else is doing fine, and finally, we said we've moved on and we're all happy.

Until one day he came back and now he's changing the peaceful life we tried so hard to have. It is painful that after all of our efforts, it seems that we have no other choice than grabbing and accepting the fact that he's back again to pressure and to make us suffer the way he did before. I personally disagree with whatever plan he has in his mind right now but I like him to think that none of us wants his return. I am sure that those people he thought who will always be there to back him up are gone and will never support him like before. The trust is gone. The love is gone. What else do we feel for him? Respect? Yes, maybe. And maybe someday we won't even feel anything at all for him. If he will continue to ruin what we tried to build, he will never find happiness from us. It's important for him to do his best right now to give us what we want. Maybe if he will give us the freedom and respect for our rights as a human, he could win our trust and our love back. And maybe, we will learn to respect him more and more each day if he would just leave us alone and do our own way. Because none of us is stupid, none of us hates this job we have, none of us is selfish, I know the staff can move on without him. We are strong together and we will never let everything we have worked for go worthless in the end. We love Photolive so much and we care for it like it's our own home.

To the man who built Photolive, the foundation where our dreams are coming true, thank you for all the good things and all the good times. We thank you for being a good friend too. We loved you for showing us that this place is where we can live like we are never far from home. Thank you for the family that you shared with us. We found some true friends among the staff. Through Photolive, we learned a lot of nice things and we became stronger and better people. Again, we thank you for all of that.

To the PL staff, we should know that sometimes, good things don't last for a lifetime. We have to let go to live life with more happiness and peace of mind. We don't have to stick with what's there infront of us all the time. We need to search for an option, we need to be brave enough to find another direction. Life is never easy. We can not continue living with being contented with what our eyes can see. When we close our eyes, we can see some more beautiful things which we can all have if we will find another way to get them. We need to fly and fight for our dreams to come true. We shouldn't be satisfied with what's very easy to keep forever because no good thing can really last. The one we worked hard for is the one that we will treasure in our hearts, and that thing will surely make a big difference in our lives, a good one.

Oh well, God bless Photolive! Let's hope that everything will be okay soon.

NOTE: This is my blogpage which means I'm just expressing my opinions, my feelings through writing online. This is a free world and I have no bad intention to hurt someone else's feelings. Thanks for reading my soul! love yah all!

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