Monday, November 22, 2010

20-11-10 Revelations@PL

Posted by pearl1003 at 11:36 PM
Last saturday, our "other" manager asked us "what's the problem?" The staff answered, "we want day-off!" Then he talked and talked, asked and asked, and the end of the conversation was - "day off is on mondays plus break time from 1pm to 4 pm on weekdays but with work on fridays, same time on other days."


See, I'm not sure if this is a good decision, or a wise one, or something to be proud of and happy for. What the staff wants is something we deserve and it's our rights to have that "day-off" thing. I've been reading the Qatar Labor Law and i've read enough proof that our studio is not following rules at all! We want a normal company, and that "other" manager even said, "i have plans, this will be a normal company..." I asked him, "what's a normal company? we dont know what that means here..... If you mean 'normal', it's suppose to follow Qatar Labor Law... that means, day-off, double pays, holidays, sick leaves, annual leaves, 8 hours of work maximum in 1 day, 10 hours maximum if with overtime...."

Well, it seems he didn't understand a word that came out from my mouth. Or maybe, his brain was too busy to absorb anything I said because he was thinking of some more nonsensible things... I wish that one labor officer from Qatar will be able to read my blog and somehow understand our situation and immediately offer help with no hesitation. One day, everything will be okay. He will suffer what he deserve, and we will enjoy what we also deserve.

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