Friday, March 25, 2011

2011: Unending Disasters, Here and There?

Posted by pearl1003 at 12:57 PM
It's been three long months since New Year's Eve, and all I can remember are days of unending disasters from here til there... And so I thought, what's so wrong with the world today? I couldn't find any answer, except the fact that the word "change" still means the same.

We always say that nothing is permanent in the world but "change". I agree with it for obviously, we always get a year older every after 12 months. We gain weight, then we lose after taking proper diet. We go to school, we leave, we find new friends, we buy new mobile phones... I liked pink, then purple, then I realized I love both, then now I feel I like something else... People change, technology change. And maybe, nature felt it's the right time to cry all her tears out, and release her anger for she couldn't hold on to her temper anymore. I may be crazy to think this way, but really, sometimes, I think I'm right, I've got a point in there.

In the studio, people keep trying to do the same routine even when things are clearly wrong. They change into someone who pretend to hear and see nothing. I can't believe that they are this stupid.

In Japan, people eat dolphins? I saw a video regarding this. I can't believe how foolish they are to kill a helpless dolphin. These are as good as our pets, they can be trained, they have brains to do tricks... So how can these people eat them?

In China, people eat infants? I am not sure if this is true but videos about this is spread on the internet and I am so upset with these heartless people. They are inhuman. And the world should stop these people from doing this stupid habit of killing? of eating babies? Oh my God, I can't believe this!

In the middle east, misunderstandings in the country of Saudi Arabia, and Libya resulted to war, death of innocent people, and lost of homes. For whatever reason they have, I don't know, but can't they find peace in their hearts? Don't they ever wish to have a peaceful life, to have a safe place to live in? Why not talk about their problems over a nice cup of coffee? Why should they bring out weapons to fight for what they think is right? Can't they have a normal life, like the rest of the world? Or is war part of their normal life? I don't think this is normal for them. Life is better if people would talk calmly, no guns, no weapons, no whatsoever. Arab countries should help their "confused" neighbors to find peace and love in their hearts.

In the world, people keep developing new gadgets. Wow, this is so cool! But come to think about it, we tend to forget how wonderful it is to live a simple life, that we can live without these high-tech gadgets out in the market today. Homes are built on earthquake-prone areas, near the ocean, actually almost everywhere. People cut trees, put houses on mountain tops, when we should know it's not safe to do this at all.

People keep studying earth, maybe unconsciously, we are hurting the universe. According to the recent Chinese astrology, the stars moved which led to the changing of the horoscope. Then we saw the "supermoon". These are proofs that the world is really changing because people try to change the world. I don't know if you get what I mean, but for me, these earthquakes, tsunami, radiation, these are happening because we keep interrupting the nature's own course. Nature has its own way of changing, and people should not try to change nature in our own way.

Maybe God is trying to tell us to stop making our own creations, for what He did is the only perfect thing in the world. I am trying to teach the goodness I know in my heart, hoping someday, people would realize what I've realized. One day, these disasters will end, and I hope, it doesn't mean it is the end of the world.



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