Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter to Kobe

Posted by pearl1003 at 10:46 PM

Dear Kobe,

How are you feeling now? How's heaven? I'm so sorry I wasn't there to help you ease the pain. I know that holding hands, well, if your feet are hands, can somehow make you feel better. I couldn't rush you to your stupid vet, he's so stupid for not seeing your sickness a bit early. Antibiotics and other vitamins are not enough. Yes, kobe, he's stupid! I'm sorry, I couldn't kill him now for you (kobe, you know I'm not that mean. right?) hehe....

I will never forget you. See, the first time I saw you, I jumped with joy! I couldn't take the grin away. Remember we used to sleep together? What's more beautiful in those nights were the times you always sleep on my chest. You're so tiny that I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I was scared that you might fall while I'm asleep. Yes, you had skin allergy that time, and I got affected with it, that I had no choice but to keep myself apart from you. You had to get medication and I thought I will lose you forever. A few weeks later you were doing great, and I was so happy to have you back home. And then, all we had were wonderful moments together!

You had your first haircut, wow! You looked so great! I know you hated your blue ribbons so much that they put on your hair, but still, you are the cutest I've ever seen! You were afraid that we might leave you to those strangers brushing you hair, of course, I'm not gonna do that! Do you remember one time when you had another haircut and all you wanted was to get back home? It took us a long time to get a cab, and when we found one, you insisted to get the ride, the driver was shocked to see you climbing the front seat, saying like, "please, please, take us home!" Hah! if you didn't charm the driver, probably, it took us waiting another hour for a cab. I know travelling makes you so exhausted, I'm sorry... but we had fun right? Tasha is dying to take your place. You are very lucky, kobe, very lucky....

Every time I say goodbye to you, it always make me sad. I don't want to be apart from you. I'm sorry for not spending 3 years with you, but every time I get to have my vacation leave, you and tasha and kookai are the happiest to see me, right? I am more grateful to be back home with the three of you. You don't know exactly how I feel when I'm not with you. I will miss you so much.

Anyway, did you see my baby Kookai? I'm sure she's gonna take good care of you. Kelly is there too, and of course the others. Don't worry, things are better there. You will play all the time. All of you are going to wait for me, right? Please tell lola that we are all doing just fine. You tell her about the floods we always experience. Please tell her to help us stop worrying from experiencing that Ondoy typhoon again. Remember Kookai almost drowned to death?

Kobe, thanks for making me very happy. Mom is happier to have you. Thanks for taking care of our house, of Miyu while she sleeps. Thanks for making me smile every morning when you wake me up. Thanks for always sitting beside me, I felt you love me so much too. Thanks for waiting for me and mom whenever we go out to buy something, you were always waiting patiently at the door. The sound of the tricycle coming near our house tells you it's mom, wow! Unbelievable! Thanks for showing us you care... Your smile, those endless licks, I know you missed us, yes, we missed you too. Kobe, of course, thanks for loving my salad. You were always there hurrying me while I'm still preparing, as if you're the hungriest of them all.

For five years, I know you were in pain. That skin allergy gave you sleepless nights, I know how hard it was for you. Every time Tasha will play with you, I know it hurts you when she accidentally bite you with force, and throws you away, sort of like making you fly, you know, she just wants you to run as fast as she could! Forgive her for accidentally making your eyes popped out, it was pure accident, sorry for that. Thanks for enduring the pain, for your stupid veterinarian stitched your eyes without any anesthesia. I will really kill him someday. Thanks for everything!

I love you Kobe babes, the memory of you will always bring me to tears. I will never forget you.




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